This is not Thailand.

Jeff here.  I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand in the province of Surin.  I love good music, literature and baseball (www.tripleinthegap.wordpress.com).


12 thoughts on “J.J.

  1. Howdy Jeff,

    I’m a PCV in Uganda. I’m getting ready to COS next month. Some of my fellow COSers and I are headed to SE Asia for some glob trotting before we head home. Our first stop in Thailand, the Land of Smiles. I was wondering if you have any advice, tips, or tricks for navigating Thailand, what we ought to see and where we out to go. Also, scams, ripoffs, and dangers we should watch out for. Oh, and we will be getting into Bangkok around 9:00 pm. Is there a cheap PCV friendly hotel you would recommend?


    • Hey Dave,

      For starters, I’d recommend any of the guesthouses between the National Stadium and Siam Square BTS train stops. There are a bunch and us PCVs tend to stay at either the Praunee, White Lodge or Wendy’s. Good clean rooms at low prices. The train from the airport goes right to the BTS train. Pretty easy to get around.

      I’d recommend getting out of Bangkok. It’s cool for a day or two, but it’s a busy and crowded city. Head north to Chiang Mai for a great experience at very reasonable prices. There are plenty of temples, Thai culture and great food. Lots of markets as well.

      As for scams, Thailand’s not too bad. Walk or take public transportation whenever you can. Taxi and tuk tuk drivers tend to drive up prices for foreigners.

      Good luck and have fun!

  2. Thanks a lot Jeff! Someone else also recommended Wendy’s. I will be headed up to Chiang Mai, but first a stop down in Krabi. Also, do all the volunteers learn Thai language or do some people in the north learn Hmong or other local languages?


    • We learn Central Thai. When volunteers are moved to other regions, we just kind of have to adapt. Where I live they speak a lot of Khemer (Cambodia), but luckily they speak Central Thai as well.

      Have fun!

  3. Hey Jeff,

    I’ve been having a great time down in Krabi. I’m headed back to Bangkok in a week to meet some more Uganda PCVs. I was wondering if you know of any PCV’s near Bangkok who wouldn’t mind me stopping in for a visit. I have a few days to kill before my friends arrive, so I thought I would stop in and see PCV life in Thailand if someone might be willing to host me for a night. Even if they are a ways away from Bangkok, I still wouldn’t mind the treck.


  4. Hey Jeff,

    I’m back in Bangkok after a great trip down to Krabi. Now I have a few days to kill before my Uganda gang arrives. I don’t suppose you or another volunteer would mind me stopping in for a visit. Or if anyone is in BKK, perhaps we can meet up for a beer or two.

    Thanks a bunch,

    P.S. my email is david.a.weldon@gmail.com, if you don’t mind sending me your mobile number, I would appreciate it.

  5. Hi Jeff, Thank you! I tried emailing you at that email address and I keep getting a permanent error. Could you email me at crhoaglund at gmail.

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