Dreaming of dishes that don’t involve rice and real beer

Two weeks from Thursday I’ll be at the Bangkok airport and leaving Thailand. I’ve been here since I arrived in January 2011. Many of my fellow volunteers have traveled to nearby countries or gone back to the United States. I have chosen not to. I’m ready to leave.

With my plethora of free time, I made a list of the food and drinks I plan to consume when I return to the United States. Here it is.

– Bratwurst with Silver Spring mustard
– My pancakes with real salted butter and Aunt Jemima syrup
– Papa Murphy’s pizza hot out of the oven
– A baked potato with butter, pepper, Lawry’s and more butter
– Three scrambled eggs, quality & healthy wheat toast (with butter) and half a pound of bacon, three strips mixed in with the eggs with the bacon grease used to lubricate the pan and flavor the eggs
– A bowl of Corn Chex (with 2% milk) lightly sprinkled with sugar
– Raspberries
– Hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven, peanut butter cookies
– Mom’s homemade lasagna
– Jimmy John’s No. 9 sub sandwich – I’ve forgotten what it is, but I know No. 9 = delicious

– Rolling Rock beer
– Red wine (anything but Merlot)
– 2% milk (I have a glass about every month here. I plan to go back to three gallons a week in the states)
– Newcastle beer
– Tap water (I took it for granted)
– A Grain Belt or Summit beer at a St. Paul Saints game
– Real black coffee – not an Americano, but a dark cup of coffee from my own home or a locally-owned coffee shop and maybe a shot in the dark (cup of coffee with a shot of espresso)
– Fitger’s Oatmeal Big Boat Stout in Duluth
– An A&W root beer from an A&W stand/restaurant –
– Any beer that’s handed to me by a friend


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of dishes that don’t involve rice and real beer

  1. Was wondering where in the USA you are returning to and if you ever planned on returning back to Thailand if given a chance?

    • I’ll start off by returning to my home in Minnesota, but could relocate after a month.

      As for Thailand, I could very well come back to visit, but probably not in the near future.

      • Quick question, do you happen to have any knowledge about bamboo or it’s where abouts in Thailand? Are volunteers in Thailand allowed to work with organizations collect information like some groups in Africa? My email is pedroramsey@yahoo.com, I am really interested in getting your point of view because of your hands on experience traveling in that region. Thank you.

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