Photos: Nearing the end

It’s been a busy February and January.  I ran in a quarter marathon with four fellow volunteers.  I went to Bangkok for medical week where the Peace Corps medical staff made sure I was okay to return to the U.S.  During that week, I got to see most of the volunteers from the last two years.  I had a visit from Josh and Joe and then Sonya and I took one final Thailand vacation to Bangkok.

As I write this, I have less than three weeks remaining in Peace Corps Thailand.  As I write this, it’s also 100 degrees and supposed to get hotter in a few days.  I’ve started packing and getting rid of a lot of my possessions.

As of now it’s looking like I’ll be back in the U.S. in early May.  I’ll be taking the long way home and spending over a month in Europe before getting home, beginning in Rome.

Ambition is at an all-time low, but hopefully I have one more blog left in me before I leave.

Click on photos to enlarge.


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