Remember me? Notes from a Surin internet cafe

Guess who?  You just cost me six-thousand dollars.

What are you talking about Jeff?  Not sure and that’s likely because Jeff is going a little crazy and writing in the third person. Village life is making Mr. Jackson begin to think about reading James Patterson novels, listening to Creed and rooting for the New York Yankees.

I’m writing this from a Surin internet cafe (though, it won’t be published for a number of days.) I have no major theme to discuss or project to show pictures of. I’ve been offline a lot recently because going online in my village requires more effort than I’m willing to give. This behavior is not unique among fellow Peace Corps Thailand Group 123 volunteers. The vast majority of us are “waiting out” our service time. Sure, we’re still visiting with the locals when we get our groceries and exercise, but there’s not a lot of work being done anymore.

As for Triple J, the booming music, barking dogs at night, roosters during the day and apathetic neighbors are getting to him. He only has about 50 days left in Thailand until his March 20 close-of-service date. He’ll make it, but a few more Leos (the only decent and affordable beer in Thailand) may be required.

I may have actual internet access from my computer this weekend where I can post some pictures of the last month which included a mini marathon in Khon Kaen (11.55 kilometers) and … That’s all I got.  Life’s been pretty slow, but thankfully I’ve had some great friends to help me through – face-to-face and via cell phone.

I’m also working on a video called A Day In the Life, which will give my friends and family back home an idea of what my days have been like for the last two years. Ambition is dissolving, but I’ll rally and get it out eventually.

Thailand, I’ll miss you, but I can’t do that until I leave. Until then, America, I miss you. I miss your four seasons. I miss the fact that you don’t stare at me. I miss your baseball. I miss your diversity. I’ll see you soon.


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