This might feel like more than three months

I have three months left. If my Peace Corps service was Abbey Road, “Golden Slumbers” would be playing.

I’m almost ready to leave. The only thing I am not ready to leave are my fellow volunteers. Thankfully the majority of them are coming back to the United States as well and I plan to visit their various locations on the map on my next road trip. But it won’t be the same. Whenever I see Joe, Josh, Mark, Christine, Dev, Erica, the Sprinkles and everyone else, the vast majority of the conversation will be about the glory days of Peace Corps Thailand.

I love Thailand, but like that girlfriend who was great, but wasn’t meant for a lifetime, I’m ready to walk away. I will miss this place. I know that. I miss my apartment on Farwell Street and playing baseball with Brian, but all things must pass.

With those thoughts, this could be the hardest three months of my service. I am no longer allowed to take vacation days, so my traveling is restricted to weekends and holidays. I will be spending my last 90 days at my site and there’s not a lot to do. I have some great books to read, but even Philip Roth can only take up so much of the day.

The Jentlemen (from left): Joe, Josh and Jeff.

The Jentlemen (from left): Joe, Josh and Jeff at the home of the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand. We brought something nice to wear.

I can also see the light and I’m anxious to get there. I won’t be going straight to the United States after my close-of-service on March 20. My good friends Josh and Dev and I will be heading to Europe where we’ll spend at least a month traveling around. There will be hardly any plans – just a starting point which looks like it’ll be Italy.

I’m ready to go. I’ve sat through an hour of Sunday morning mass, received communion and am just waiting for everyone else to take their seats and the priest to make the announcements so I can leave and get a sausage skillet at Village Inn.

The Twins are up 9-1, it’s the top of the eighth and I want to go home to have a bowl of cereal while I watch the highlights on TV before going to bed. The game is in the bag (imagine we still have Joe Nathan) and I’m ready to leave, but I can’t leave quite yet. What if we make a great defensive play? What if the opposing manager gets thrown out? I can’t miss that! I have to stay to the end.


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