Steady internet is not to be had in the Land of Smiles

I write this blog sitting in an office at the local health station, about a 25-minute bike ride from my home. Yesterday I had a blog written and was preparing at the government office, when the power went out. After about an hour it came back on, but the internet was not working.

Lately, I’ve only been going to that office once a week. I left mid afternoon frustrated knowing I was going to accomplish all my online needs during the day, but with the power outage, I wasn’t able to.

This blog is simply to say I’m still here, Peace Corping everyday, but not necessarily online. With a little luck I’ll get back online with my computer later in the week and update everyone back home with some words and pictures.

If you’d like to read something interesting, click on “Jackson Bound” above and check out what I’ve been reading recently.  Despite the large amount of books I’ve read, I still have many on my list.



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