The storm has passed

Remember several weeks ago when I wrote about a slump I was going through and how I was weathering the storm?  That storm has passed and it coincided with the end of the hot season.

There are now occasional evenings I don’t need the fan three feet away pointed directly at me.  I only have to shower once a day.  I sometimes go a week without seeing the sun.  In the states, this would depress me, but in Thailand, the sun only means excessive heat.

It did help my mood when my previous blog was very well received by other volunteers who were suffering the same symptoms.  They could relate to my frustration.

But now the weather has cooled (the high tomorrow is supposed to be a mere 79F) and the rain is coming.  I plan to close my service in either late February or March.  In other words, I’ve battled through my last hot season in Thailand.


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