A difference between Thais and Americans

The dog wouldn’t shut up.  It was sitting under a truck just outside the office.  I don’t know what was more annoying, the dog or the fact I seemed to be the only one hearing it.  It was like Edgar Allen Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart” and I was the only one hearing my heartbeat.

Every three seconds the dog would bark and it would echo throughout the office.  I couldn’t concentrate while everyone else went on with their business as if the dog’s barks were nothing but a soft rock radio station playing “Smooth Operator”.  I even told everyone I wanted to kill the dog and they didn’t seem to understand why.

Hey! Shutup!

I walked outside and stomped my feet near the truck and chased the dog off.  I came back in the office to curious faces waiting for an American freakout.  I smiled and told them this was a perfect example of the difference between Thais and Americans.  While they didn’t seem to notice or care about the annoying yelps from the diseased dog, I couldn’t think straight and needed to get rid of the mongrel.  They asked me if it’s good they can be so relaxed and I said it was, but it’s something I, and many Americans, can’t tolerate.

The Thais have a saying, mai bpen rai, which roughly translates to “never mind”.  It could also be thought of as “no worries” or “it’s all good”.

These people are so relaxed about everything.  I hope a bit of it rubs off on me and I can take some back to the tense United States.  Of course, barking, flea-ridden, disease-filled dogs don’t last too long in America.


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