It’s hot

It’s hot.  They warned us in training that the heat would deter us from getting into our communities.  They were right.  My office is air conditioned and sometimes I have trouble leaving it to get lunch.

It’s been in the high nineties all week and it’s supposed to climb into the 100s soon.

It’s also humid.  It feels like a porta-potty in the sun at the state fair.  Sometimes it smells like it, too.

People like to complain about the weather.  It’s too hot, too cold, too humid, too rainy, too snowy, too tornadoey.  I’m going to do my best to enjoy this heat while I have it, because when I get back to the states, I won’t have it anymore.

It's hot, therefore I don't wear sleeves if I don't need to.

I prefer cold weather.  At least in the cold I can add layers.  They won’t let me take my shirt off at the office (although, I haven’t tried yet.)  Thankfully, I follow my own rules at home.  If you have seen me at my home in the last year with a shirt on, you might as well have seen Thomas Pynchon.

I have many ways of dealing with the heat.  One is Prickly Heat.  It’s a baby powder-like substance you rub into your skin after a shower for a cooling sensation.  The first time I put a substantial amount on, the tingly feeling I got a minute or so after putting it on frightened me.  Then I realized: I wasn’t hot anymore.  It’s become an addiction.

When it's hot, it's as addicting as crack.

I have a backup fan in case my first-string fan breaks down.  Where I go, my fan points.  When I go to bed, it is near.  During the hot season, my fan rarely oscillates.  It’s usually pointed at me and not moving.

Hydration is another big key that the Thais don’t seem to get.  The hotter it is, the more I sweat and the more I drink.  The Thais drink two cups of water a day.  They never go the bathroom because their entire insides are dry.  They also don’t sweat from not having anything in their body to sweat out.  Strange people.

Don't know how Joe could stand the beard.

In Minnesota, April has always been a time of accomplishment.  I made it through another winter and I’m happy when the temperature reaches into the mid fifties.  April in Thailand means two or three bucket showers a day (which feel phenomenal, whereas three months ago they were torture), very little unnecessary movement and dreams of a thunderstorm to cool the air for an hour or two.

The worst part isn’t the heat.  It’s having the heat and not having what usually goes with it: baseball, bratwurst and good cold beer.  That first Johnsonville brat, cold Summit and Saints game will be the greatest I’ve ever experienced.  However, while experiencing all of that, I’m going to miss this crazy life.

A very common sight.


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