This job fits me well

I tend to get away from my village every other weekend.  I do this to maintain my secluded sanity.  I do enjoy spending a weekend in my hammock reading great literature, but I get cabin fever (without the sub-zero temperatures) after a while.

I normally visit a volunteer or two on the weekends away.  It’s on these weekends I begin to feel guilty I’m having so much fun working as an ambassador for the American government.  But then I go back to my village and work with the community for the next 10 days.  This takes up the vast majority of my time.

I am doing good things – a lot of good – but I’m enjoying it so much I tend to forget about what I’m doing.  I’m simply being Jeff and it’s helping Thai kids (and some open-minded adults) think outside the box.

I was talking with a fellow volunteer and friend, Melissa, about how much we both enjoy being Peace Corps volunteers.  It takes a certain kind of personality to be able to go across the globe and live in a rural foreign society.  It seems difficult or, at the least, challenging, to people who don’t have that personality.  However, if you have that personality, it’s a lot of fun.  It’s still difficult and challenging, but in a way that’s manageable.

I love it when I’m trying to speak Thai and no one can understand me.*

I love eating rice three times a day.*

I love the heat.**

I love my squat toilet and bucket shower.*

*-99% of the time
**-95% of the time

Sometimes it takes an e-mail from a friend or family member back home to remind me I am doing a service to my country and the world.  I forget because it’s so damn fun!

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