Quick blog: Good people

One day I’ll learn this is Thailand.

I was biking home on the highway yesterday when a guy on a motorcycle buzzed by me, much closer than he needed to be.  I didn’t get upset, but I wasn’t exactly happy with this fellow’s choice not to give me more room on the deserted highway.

About 100 meters up the road, he stopped to pick up a friend, giving me the chance to pass him.  I did within inches of his handlebar and said, “See how you like it,” as I did.

In America, road rage would probably ensue.  I kept looking behind me to see if he was going to pass again in case he tried to retaliate.  Another kilometer later, I saw him approaching with his friend on the back.  They came up right next to me and slowed.  My heart began to race.  His friend on the back said, “Sorry!  My friend …” and then pointed to the driver who was smiling from ear to ear and giving me a thumbs up.  I think the passenger’s English vocabulary ended there, but I got the picture.

I smiled and said, “Mai bpen rai,” (Don’t worry about it) and continued on.

Good people.


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