Thai baseball update: The Columbus Owls revisited

I played baseball again Thursday with the boys.  I’m beginning to understand how my father felt coaching the Columbus Owls kindergarten t-ball team.

Why are you laying down?!  Get up!

Don’t stand on the base, stand next to it!

You can’t bat first every inning! 

When I tell you to go out there to the outfield, stay there!  When you walk back to talk with your friends, that’s when the other team hits it over your head!

Luckily these Thai kids have stronger emotions than Americans and I haven’t had to yell, Stop crying!

The Tigers defeated the Monkeys 11-1 in six innings.  I line the kids up before the game and alternate who’s on which team so I don’t know how it got so lopsided.  I am, however, going to have to teach “unassisted double play” when the first baseman pulled one after catching a fly ball and then tagging out the runner who was leaning away from the base.  I was impressed. 


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