I have no opinion in the coming elections and please be quiet

“Don’t want to be an American idiot / One nation controlled by the media / Information age of hysteria / It’s calling out to idiot America.” – Green Day

While the election season in the states gets nasty and mean, it’s just annoying in Thailand.

Local elections are being held July 3 and every politician is advertising.  They advertise with signs similar to what we see in the states as well as trucks with loudspeakers that drive through villages blaring music and/or a recorded message about the candidate.  The trucks are normally covered with posters of the candidate.  They start their rounds at 6:30 a.m. every day.

I’m a guest of the Thai government, not a citizen.  I am not voting.  However, if I were to vote, I know who I would vote for – the candidates without the trucks and the ones who have annoyed me the least.  When the trucks roll by my house as I’m trying to enjoy a pleasant morning of sipping tea, reading some Kerouac and listening to acoustic music on my computer, I dream of standing outside the candidate’s window with the speakers from Excel Energy Center blaring “Like a Rolling Stone” and singing along to, “How does it feeeeeel!?”

From what I can comprehend, Thai politics isn’t as nasty as American.  The candidates seem to be promoting themselves instead of putting down the competition.  Of course, I don’t watch Thai TV or read the papers, so I could be wrong.

The Thai equivalent of a bumper sticker.

This makes me wonder how the Thais are choosing who to vote for.  I would like to think the trucks aren’t affecting their decision, but I also like to think TV ads in the states shouldn’t affect voters, but they seem to.  Why would you trust the opinion of the candidate?  Of course he/she’s going to say they’re a better candidate than the competition.  Of course the Chevy salesman is going to say the Lumina is better than the Taurus.  Of course the stoned Deadhead is going to say Workingman’s Dead is the greatest album in rock history.  Why are we trusting these biased opinions?  According to John McCain ads, Barack Obama was practically going to hand over the United States government to al-Qaeda upon inauguration.  According to John Kerry’s ads, George Bush was going to continue a worthless war in Iraq.

Why do these hopeful politicians keep sending their trucks out to the villages?  Let’s educate ourselves!  That pretty waitress is flirting with you for a tip, not because she likes you.  Chuck Berry just showed you where the lady’s room is for a reason.  John Edwards wants your vote and nothing more (possibly your wife and/or daughter).

Jeff then sat in confusion and wondered, “What was I originally writing about?  I thought this was about Thailand?”

The elections are July 3.  I honestly have no preference who wins and loses as I don’t know what they’re positions are.

Should Michelle Bachmann win the 2012 presidential election, I’m not coming home.  I’m not coming home because Thailand is so wonderful, not because America has become a fascist regime.


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